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Product Updates

Site Service Software continues to improve on a weekly basis. Our Add-Ons are unique to the industry and allow a custom suite to fit the needs of all ranges of systems.

Add-Ons & Other Features – Only Site Service Software provides even more; more features, add-ons, and expansions to custom-tailor the suite to fit your unique needs.

  • Scheduler
  • Filer
  • Email Tracker
  • Route Mapper
  • Mobile Dashboard

Additional Areas

  • Accounting and Banking
    • World class accounting system with multiple features
    • Multiple Financial Reporting options
    • Banking
      • Safe Pay
      • Electronic reconcile
  • Purchasing and Inventory
    • Powerful purchasing option with Document Attach
    • Powerful Inventory tracking
  • Human Resources and Payroll
    • Complete HR module
    • Complete Payroll Module
  • Fix Asset Management


Stay up to date on the most recent fixes and compatability edits of our software


September 2013 – NAEC Convention & Expo

Site Service was in attendance again at the NAEC national convention held this year in Tampa FL. We once again were an exhibitor at the convention and as usual, had a great time with everyone. Traffic to our booth this year was exceptional. We thank the NAEC for their great hospitality and for all their assistance in making this year’s convention a rip-roaring success. To all of those companies that took the time to visit with us, be sure to check your email. We are making every effort to follow through in answering your inquiries. We will see everyone next year in San Antonio, TX.


June 2013 – C.E.C.A. 39th Annual Convention – Niagara Falls, ON

Site Service was very pleased to attend the C.E.C.A. convention in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. It was our first appearance as an exhibitor at the convention. As a new member of C.E.C.A. we were given a hardy welcome into the C.E.C.A. family. We enjoyed terrific traffic to our booth and were happy to hand out a large number of giveaway items to attendees. We especially enjoyed dinner and fireworks at the Skylon Tower. Thanks to the C.E.C.A. We will see you all next year.

Site Service Software, Inc. staff was present at the NAEC 54th annual Convention and Expo in Orlando Florida where we officially rolled out our ESS product on a national scale. The conference ran from Sunday, September 14 – Thursday, September 18, 2003. Site Service had our first ever booth during the exhibit part of the convention where there was a lot of interest in our software. Many attendees stopped by our booth, had some refreshments, and took in a quick demonstration of our software. Over all the expo was quite a success for Site Service Software, Inc. We made some new friends, and introduced our software nationally, all while attending our first of many NAEC events.

Site Service Software, Inc. developers were present at the Microsoft training and technology expo call Tech 2003 in Minneapolis, MN. The conference ran from Sunday, September 7 – Wednesday, September 10, 2003. At the conference we were able to attend numerous technology sessions that will make us better able to meet the needs of our customer base. In addition, we were able to explore opportunities with the Microsoft Business Solutions dealer network that may enable Site Service Software, Inc. to expand into other vertical markets in the future. Such expansion would broaden our customer base and revenues. Attendance at Tech 2003 is part of our ongoing commitment to keep Site Service Software, Inc. in front of the technology curve and growing our business.

Site Service Software, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of ESS – Proposals and Violations on March 12th, 2003, their newest member of the Elevator Site Service family of products.  ESS – Proposals and Violations has been creating quite a stir in the New York City area due to its’ ease of use and incredible time saving features. First installed and tested working with existing clients in the NYC area, ESS Proposals with AutoDocs has been designed to automate the processes of the repair and modernization departments of the Elevator Service industry. Also tested and installed in the New York City area is our latest Inspections and Violations module. This module has significant upgrades and improvements to the already powerful Violations Tracking and Mandated Inspections systems. These two modules have been packaged with an integrating feature for customers already using the product from a major competitor of the complete ESS package based in Colorado. The integration is seamless, allowing users to also have the powerful and time saving features of ESS that are not available in the competing package. Again this release is scheduled for March 12th, 2003. Please contact us for further information.