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Site Service Software offers a quick and easy solution to get your logo properly prepared for Maintenance Tickets.

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Why do I need this?

Your logo needs to be in PNG format at least 1000 pixels wide. To ensure your logo is properly and cleanly presented, we offer a conversion service.

1) We need your logo to be up to 1000px wide. If you do not want to spend the time to edit your logo to that size, we offer this service for your convenience.

2) Ensures File Format is Correct  Get your logo in the correct format and size with little effort on your part.

3) Use for anything Receive 9 file formats for your own company’s use outside of our app!

4) Saves Time You will receive your logo within 24 hours.

5) Archive We will keep a copy of your logo on file for future needs without our app, as long as your have an account with us.

What do I need to get this?

1) Any file with your logo! A PDF invoice, Word file, JPEG, or a Power Point file. Anything. We can handle it. Even a link to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile can work.

2) A small payment of $200 for processing. This covers the cost to convert your logo and provide it with no hassle.


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Any file with your logo will work; a PDF invoice, Word file, JPEG, a Power Point file, etc. If you don't have actual files, we can create from a link to your social media page or LinkedIn profile.
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if you do not have access to anything with your logo on it, but it is in Facebook or LinkedIn, please provide the link to that page.

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