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Growth of the Company / Site Service Software, Inc. announces the release of their newest Elevator Site Service called ESS – Proposals and Violations

Site Service Software, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of ESS – Proposals and Violations on March 12th, 2003, their newest member of the Elevator Site Service family of products.  ESS – Proposals and Violations has been creating quite a stir in the New York City area due to its’ ease of use and incredible time saving features. First installed and tested working with existing clients in the NYC area, ESS Proposals with AutoDocs has been designed to automate the processes of the repair and modernization departments of the Elevator Service industry. Also tested and installed in the New York City area is our latest Inspections and Violations module. This module has significant upgrades and improvements to the already powerful Violations Tracking and Mandated Inspections systems. These two modules have been packaged with an integrating feature for customers already using the product from a major competitor of the complete ESS package based in Colorado. The integration is seamless, allowing users to also have the powerful and time saving features of ESS that are not available in the competing package. Again this release is scheduled for March 12th, 2003. Please contact us for further information.