A comprehensive solution for managing elevator maintenance, service, repair, modernization and construction, Site Service is tailored to the way people work.

The sophisticated yet easy-to-use management tools allow our customers to manage their businesses more efficiently and to quickly resolve everyday problems. Your company can also benefit from the Site Service software suite.

State-of-the-Art for Today and Tomorrow’s Needs

We offer state-of-the-art software solutions designed with today’s technology–and ready for tomorrow’s. The flagship Site Service® system is integrated with the award-winning ERP/accounting solution from Microsoft Business Solutions: Dynamics GP®.  Our new partnership with one of Microsoft’s largest national software partners, SBS Group provides our customer base with unparalleled support. We are Microsoft Business Solution certified developers, offering you a seamless software package designed to meet all of your needs. Our database technology is powered by Microsoft SQL Server® which is truly multi-user and completely scalable. This means, that as your company grows, our software is FULLY capable of growing with you.

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Industry Standard Compliant

We also offer powerful and fully integrated mobile solutions for dispatching, modernization management and inspections. Our applications are developed using Xamarin Monotouch, allowing us to develop powerful apps for Apple IOS, Android and Microsoft Windows Phone.

In order to be better acquainted with our customers and their business environment we are members of the National Association of Elevator Contractors (NAEC), the Elevator Conference of New York (ECNY) and the Canadian Elevator Contractors Association.

Comprehensive Features

Listed below are the software and services offered by Site Service Software, Inc. Each product and service is designed to meet the needs of specific elevator service, maintenance and construction companies. Elevator Site Service (ESS) is our premier product offering which comes in three versions. Each software version is tailored to a specific need. ESS also offers mobile solutions, powered by the leader in in mobile applications MobileFrame that seamlessly integrate to ESS for a comprehensive and powerful set of tools to manage your company. Click on the title of each product offering for more details. Thank you for your interest. Be sure to contact us with any questions and to request a demo.


NEWEST FEATURES — Updated Monthly


Mass Generate Proposals: NYC Department of Building Regulations requires many elevator types to have door closing monitors, due at the end of 2019.  Our new feature includes the ability to mass create proposals based on building record criteria and also by Device Type and Subtype. Site Service has automated the process of creating Survey Proposals to begin the process along with Code Change proposal based the survey.  Then our job tracking system kicks in to finish the job.

Inspection Automation: Save massive amounts of time and headaches processing Inspections with our newest Inspection Automation. Automates these processes: preparation, acceptance, scheduling, repairs, and filing process for enormous productivity gains in your office.  Automatic acceptance/notification letter generation and creation, including 2nd and 3rd notifications have been added to the module.

Project Tracking (new feature this September) using SmartSheet™ integration from and to Site Service Software. For modernizations and new construction, our synchronized exchange with SmartSheet, you’ll always stay on track of your projects’ progress.

Site Service System Features

  • Three-tiered account structure
    • Allows for single account cash receipts entry
    • Allows for single account collections calls
    • Allows for Account Roll-up Analysis from Building to Customer to Management Owner
  • Comprehensive pre-defined device types that are also user-definable
  • Device Lists
    • Mass Update capabilities
    • Export to excel
    • Lists Inspection Dates and coverage by device
  • Building List
    • Allows for easy mass update of Buildings
    • Export lists to excel
    • Multiple list formats
  • Customer List
    • Allows for easy mass update of Customers
    • Export lists to excel
    • Multiple list formats
  • Management Owner List
    • Allows for easy mass update of Management Owners
    • Export lists to excel
    • Multiple list formats
  • User definable contact roles – roles can then be assigned for automated emailing features
  • Inspections related data includes Agencies (NYC DOB etc.), Tests, Inspectors with Certification, Third Party Entities
  • Integrated technical support
    • Enter support issues directly into Site Service – keeps a log of all tech support entries and responses
    • Integrated Chat Support – release date 9/2017
  • System Alerts – alerts Site Service users when the specified record is access anywhere in the system:
    • Buildings / Customers / Management Owners/ Devices / Proposals and Jobs / Inspections / Call Center / specific users
  • Automated Email Alerts – system wide, user definable email alerts automatically sent from trigger points
  • Employee individual very granular per hour costing defined by time frame – allows for wage increase and promotions
  • User Defined Employee Types
  • Fully integrated Auto-documents with FILER – system tracks all documents created for each account
    • Tracked at all three account levels
    • Tracked by Proposal and Job
    • Tracked by Inspection or violation
  • Account Analysis – full cost tracking of each account
    • Analysis by Building, Customer, Management Owner
    • Analysis by month, quarter, year
    • Export to excel for more analysis – includes
    • Process server allows automatic report generation and distribution on a monthly basis
  • Process Server –
    • Allows remote processing of tasks
    • Allows time automatic processes to be scheduled

Maintenance Department

  • Automated generation and emailing/printing/faxing of Maintenance InvoicesWe use the Process Server built into Site Service which is then configured to:
    • Create maintenance invoices on a date and time schedule
    • Automatically email/print/fax invoices
  • Each contract can be configured to automatically attach tickets from the mobile application to invoices
  • Can be configured to process different Maintenance Classes separately for invoicing.
  • Can set invoice comments per contract.
  • Use the DISPATCH VISIT REQUIRED and TICKET REQUIRED features to automatically determine which contract are to be billed each month
  • Site Service Auto-Documents feature for Maintenance:
    • Create Maintenance Contract proposal documents
    • Tracks the proposals as sales documents/leads
    • Upon approval, contracts are created using an integrated wizard
  • Use Contract Classes to manage groups of similar contacts for reporting, invoicing
  • Multiple contracts per building are allowed
  • Coverage at the device level.  Can split the coverage in a building between passenger cars (full service – 24/7) and freight cars (limited service – M-F 8-4:30)
  • Contract Holds allow for giving customers x months of free maintenance at the device level.  Automatically re-starts billing at the end of the free maintenance
  • Salesperson tracking and reporting at the Customer Level, Building Level and Maintenance Contract Level
  • Master Contracts feature allows the combination of many contracts into one master contract for billing
  • Billing can be done at various levels:
    • Master Contract – combines many buildings with T&M billing approach
    • Customer – combines many buildings on one invoice by customer
    • Building – one invoice per building
  • Automated Mark-ups feature – automatically marks up contracts due for markup.
  • Maintenance Contracts module has been added to our document tracking system FILER – track all documents related to the contract
  • Routes can be broken into Territories and Zones
  • Route Mapper allows easy viewing of Maintenance routes using Google maps and multicolor pins
  • Route Summarydisplays a summary of the maintenance visits by route
  • Automatic Emailing of Route Summary Report to maintenance/service managers on a regular schedule

Service Department

  • Complete incident tracking – call center and mobile
  • Call center records all incoming calls, even those not answered
  • Task based tickets – multiple tasks can be assigned per ticket
  • Team based tickets – up to 50 mechanics and helpers can be assigned per ticket
  • Call center and mobile give dispatchers and mobile mechanics 1 full year of dispatch history to review, by building and by device
  • Mechanic Recommendations – provides list of recommended repairs based on mechanic feedback from both mobile and standard dispatch
  • Survey requests can be created, dispatched and tracked
  • Excessive Calls tracking and reporting.
  • Excessive call records can be automatically emailed and/or text messaged to managers instantly
  • Automatic emailing of nightly report of open calls, shut downs and follow ups
  • Mass Processing of Service Invoices
    • Auto-Invoicing Feature Automates the review process of service tickets with respect to billing
    • Mass Emailing/Printing/Faxing of Service Invoices

Repair Department

  • Complete integration to Violations and Inspections!!!
    • Automatically create a proposal from an inspection or violation record
    • Track the repair work while also tracking the inspection violating conditions
  • Proposal system used standardize fully costed and priced items to quickly create proposals
  • Proposal Templates are groups of Proposal Phases each phase with standardized items
  • Proposal Wizard produces quick and accurate proposals based on standard items and templates.
  • Proposal tracking by
    • Proposal Class
    • Sales Person
    • Supervisor
  • Use the Proposal List to:
    • Track sales by salesperson and job type
    • Create lists reports based on proposal status and job status and send to excel
    • Tracks balance-to-bill and balance-to-pay ensuring complete billing and payment
  • Proposal/Job tracking levels include job phases and job phase items – directly tracked by the mobile app
  • Use the Job Cost List to:
    • Complete job cost tracking – create list reports based on job types
    • Mass Print Summary Records for weekly meetings
    • Exports Job Cost lists to excel for weekly meetings
  • Document tracking with revisions
  • Multiple revision types
  • Complete Job Costing by Job
  • Complete Change Order tracking
  • Complete FILER integration allows documents of all types to be attached by jobs including drawings, permits and the like 

Inspections and Violations Department

  • Completely overhauled NYC DOB inspections tracking
    • Complete category testing process flow and monitoring
    • Mass Notification Proposal generation and emailing!!! No more mass mail costs!
    • Mobile app to performing inspections and track time
    • Automatic emailing at all major contact points in the inspection process
      • Email agents, supers, account managers, sales people, third party inspector and witnesses
      • Email regarding approvals, scheduling, inspection results, filing and more
    • All DOB forms are available and fully integrated with signature tracking
  • Email warnings to managers of pending due dates and schedules
  • Process server allows for automatic re-notifications proposals (2nd and 3rd notices)
  • Multiple Notification Letter configurations
  • Process flow tracking at both the Building Level and the Device Level
  • Supports all NYC
  • Inspection pricing at many levels:
    • Device
    • Device Type
    • Building
    • Customer
    • Management Company
    • Test Type Default
  • Tracks all vital dates
    • Inspection due dates
    • Schedule dates
    • Filing due by dates
  • Tracks NYC DOB and other jurisdictions
  • Violations Agencies – includes
    • ECB violations with all years of deficiencies
    • PVT violations with all years of deficiencies
    • All DOB forms included
    • Process step tracking
    • Tracks all due dates and court dates
  • Inspections and Violation are directly integrated to the proposal/job tracking system
    • Generate repair proposals with one click
    • Track repairs and Inspection/Violation simultaneously
    • Full Job Costing

Modernization/Construction Department

  • Multiple methods allowed for Bid Creation
    • Bid Creator
    • Proposal Template system
    • Spreadsheet importer
  • Track jobs by separate phases and items
  • Tracks job percent complete daily using mobile – know when you are falling behind before it gets out of hand!
  • Complete job costing with 3 views – standard, accrual, cash
  • Two Change Order methods
    • Simple dollar adjustment
    • Sophisticated Change Order Phases
  • Create month end Earned Revenue report with one click
  • Complete WIP accounting

Call Center

  • Tracks all labor costs and incidental materials.
  • Employee Explorer
  • Full integration to Payroll
  • Multiple advanced features
    • Follow-up to repair proposal to dispatch board
    • Mechanic recommendations tracking
    • Excessive call tracking with Manager notifications
    • Automated night reports
  • Survey tracking
  • Account Features
    • Put accounts on hold
    • Warning to dispatchers regarding overdue bills
    • Notification to dispatchers regarding other open items

Site Service Mobile Solutions

  • Mobile Solutions for all departments
  • Mobile Apps are designed and owned by Site Service
    • maximize integration of field data to the backend Site Service modules
    • allows mobile functions to mirror EXACTLY the backend processes
    • Management comments integrated directly into tickets
  • Bread crumb tracking can be used to maximize efficiency on routes and to map mechanic current locations
  • Uses disconnected mode
    • Ensures data integrity
    • Gives mechanics control of their tickets and phones
  • Collect signatures on tickets
  • Take pictures that are
    • attached to the dispatch ticket and to the account.
    • Pictures are then accessible immediately in the Site Service backend.
  • Tracks Expenses
  • Tracks Parts
  • Enter teams on one ticket
  • Create Follow Ups and Shut Downs and also request parts for follow up
  • Automatic Text messaging from the backend
    • Alert mechanics and supervisors
      • New Ticket alerts to mechanics
      • Device left shut down to mechanics and supervisors
  • Mobile Dashboard used in the office tracks the following
    • Maps the location of all active mechanics–
    • Tracks each service ticket:
      • Created
      • Sent to phone
      • Viewed on phone
      • Start on phone
      • Completed on phone
      • Returned to office dispatch board
    • Provides text messaging boards per mechanic/employee that keeps all text streams
  • 5 Ticket Types. All ticket types mimic the Site Service back end process.
    • Maintenance
      • has device specific task check lists for the mechanics to follow configurable by device type
      • Maintenance allows for current and prior month tickets on the phones
    • Service (hourly) tickets – dispatched from your office.
      • Mechanics are texted that they have a new ticket
      • Mechanic retrieves tickets as they work
      • Mechanics can mark “Maintenance Performed”
    • Repair and Modernization – 
      • jobs are setup and scheduled in Site Service and sent to the phones on a daily basis
      • Jobs can have phases and phase items for detailed tracking
      • Fully integrated to Job Tracking and Costing
    • Inspection tickets
      • NYC DOB category inspections
      • Generic (other jurisdiction) inspections
    • Ticket on the Fly – field tickets that are entered and defined by the mechanic.
      • Great for night and weekend work.
      • Allows mechanics to enter sick/vacation and other time
  • “Meals” feature allows mechanics to log out for lunch and then log back in
  • All field tickets are safely stored in Amazon Web Services and are legal documents of record in the event of an audit or legal proceedings.
  • Tickets easily retrieved from secure web storage
  • Tickets can be spruced up for customer statements
  • Ticket history kept on the phone for each mechanic for 2 weeks
  • Building Information available to the mechanic:
    • 1 year of dispatch history per building
    • Device list with device type and other pertinent information
    • Contract Coverage
    • Contact information

Add-Ons & Other Features

Only Site Service Software provides even more; more features, add-ons, and expansions to custom-tailor the suite to fit your unique needs.

      • Scheduler – drag and drop schedule calendar
        • speeds scheduling of inspections, repair jobs, modernization jobs
        • multiple print formats of schedules by Mechanic or Inspector
      • Filer – Document tracking and filing system
        • Integrated to Mobile Dispatching tickets and pictures
        • Attach drawings and permits to jobs and/or accounts
      • Email Tracker
      • Route Mapper
      • Mobile Dashboard

Technical Concerns

We’ve got you covered. Our professional IT personnel are highly experienced is the latest Microsoft IT suite of products.

      • Network architecture
        • Webhosting
        • Client/server
        • Subscription based

Additional Areas

      • Accounting and Banking
        • World class accounting system Microsoft Dynamics GP with multiple features
        • Multiple Financial Reporting options
        • Banking
          • Safe Pay
          • Electronic reconcile
      • Purchasing and Inventory
        • Powerful purchasing option with Document Attach
        • Powerful Inventory tracking
      • Human Resources and Payroll
        • Complete HR module
        • Complete Payroll Module
      • Fix Asset Management


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