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Site Service Core

ESS is our primary software offering and when combined with our mobile solutions has all of the features that you need to successfully manage your company.  ESS comes in three versions all of which share the ESS core functionality. The ESS core puts all of your operational data at your fingertips.

The ESS core consists of the following modules:

Call Center

  • Trouble call logging
  • Dispatching with follow up tracking, materials tracking
  • Full automatic costing on a per mechanic basis on every dispatch
  • Survey Scheduling and Tracking
  • Mechanic Log with Payroll link
  • Seamless integration to Mobile Dispatching
  • Maintenance Route tracking
  • Integrated Mapping

Maintenance Contract System

  • Use our Proposal Wizard to create and track maintenance contract proposals
  • Automatically create contracts from accepted proposals
  • Link signed and scanned contract documents for easy later access
  • User defined contract classes that can be billed separately
  • User defined contract type and contract hours
  • Types of coverage and hours of coverage can be set for each device on a contract
  • Allows multiple contracts per account
  • Use Customer Billing to invoice many accounts together
  • Contract Billing Hold Tracking – never forget to start billing a maintenance contract after modernizing again!
  • Automatic contract markups – combined with our Account Analyzer keeps your maintenance contract invoicing in line with costs
  • Itemized Scheduled Maintenance

Proposal Generation with Job Costing and Job Tracking

  • Create professional proposals in minutes with our Proposal Wizard
  • Easily create proposal revisions
  • Tracks all documents and revisions
  • Track proposals to job acceptance – see a list of all pending proposals for follow up
  • Track jobs with full Job Costing – see a comprehensive job cost list for each department
  • Complete change order tracking
  • Monitor jobs progress and costs using our built in email alerts
  • AIA billing with retainage tracking
  • Use Mobile Manager to manage jobs On-Site

ESS Account Analysis

  • Use our powerful Account Analyzer – owners and managers can see exactly how profitable each account is including analysis at the Building level, Customer level, Management Owner level, Route level
  • Analysis is calculated in views including monthly, quarterly, yearly segments
  • Analysis includes the ability to view slices of the top 10% of accounts, bottom 10% of accounts, all money losing accounts, and of course, all accounts based on performance.
  • Send the results to Microsoft Excel for even more number crunching power

Inspections Tracking

  • Powerful generic inspection tracking for all jurisdictions
  • NYC specific inspections “Power Tracking”
  • Add as many Inspection Agencies as you need and as many tests for each agency
  • Mass Mail notifications to your customers
  • Mass bill your inspections
  • Track your inspection repairs with complete integration to our proposal tracking module
  • Track inspection and filing deadlines with ease
  • Use auto-email to notify customers, inspectors or even your own staff of deadlines

Violations Tracking

  • Generic violations tracking for all jurisdictions
  • NYC specific violations “Power Tracking”
  • Add as many issuing agencies as you need
  • Track your violation repairs with complete integration to our proposal tracking module
  • Track violation filing and court deadlines with ease
  • Use auto-email to notify customers and your own staff of deadlines


  • Automated invoicing is built into each module
  • Automatically create service invoices with the click of a button
  • Automatically create maintenance invoices with the click of a button
  • Automatically create inspection invoices with the click of a button
  • Track repair billing automatically
  • Track materials and inventory directly from invoicing

Cash Receipts and Account Collections

  • Simple, straight forward and fully integrated cash receipt entry
  • Create deposits easily and quickly
  • No need to ever split a receivable check across accounts
  • Simple yet powerful Account Collections
  • Directly email collections information
  • Easily create statements and reprint open invoices

ESS System Features

  • Three levels of account structure – group your customers together to get a complete picture of your accounts
  • Configurable device types
  • Auto-documents tracks every document by account that you create and send
  • Inventory tracking
  • Purchase Order tracking